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On the Domestic Mode of Production

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The past two decades has seen the women’s movement move to the right and split into numerous fragments. Why has the position of most women remained subordinate to that of men? Is this simply discrimination, the result of male biology, or the reproduction of women as a class of domestic producers? I argue here that any attempt to reduce women’s oppression to biology, politics, ideology or exchange-based economics, trivialises oppression and dooms most women to permanent domestic slavery. Alternatively, the concept of the Domestic Mode of Production is a means of theorising women’s historic subordination and advancing the struggle towards the goal of future emancipation. Materials available on the struggle over the historic subordination of women during the colonisation of the Pacific and Australasia can be used in an attempt to test the explanatory power of the Domestic Mode.

[Reprinted from Gender and Development Volume 2, eds, BN Ghosh and…

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September 11, 2018 at 11:05 pm

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