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UN/Zionist secret war against the ‘dirt eaters’

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When US Senator Hiram W. Johnson said in 1917 ‘the first casualty when war comes is the truth’, he was speaking about Capitalist Imperialist war; though he didn’t know it at the time. Lies, deceit, distortions, omissions and fabrications are permanent fixtures in the capitalist arsenal in its relentless pursuit of ‘Permanent War.’ The military slaughter by the Israelis in Gaza and the Lebanon are the latest episodes in a long series provocations over many decades built on these premises.

The murder of Pro-US and Rightwing Lebanese PM Rafiq Hariri in February 2005 by Israeli agents was designed as part of Plan A to implicate Syria. For a long period leading up to the killing, the US openly sabre rattled against Syria accusing it of harbouring and supporting terrorists. The US bogged down in Iraq, could not however create enough justification to invade Syria; so decided together with Israel to plot an outrage that would draw massive international condemnation. This would be the pretext.

The swift and immediate charge by progressive political forces and the Arab media that the US and Israel were solely responsible for the Hariri murder together with the failure of UN investigators and monitors to find any evidence of Syrian involvement, forced the US/Israeli’s to go to contingency Plan B. Lebanon would be the point of entry, Hezbollah and its association with Iran would be the excuse and 2 abducted Israeli soldiers would be the phoney pretext. The Zionist Jerusalem Post reported many months ago that plans were being prepared to deal with Syria.
As part of the bigger US battle plan, pro-Palestine Iran has been falsely accused of building nuclear weapons to be used against occupied Palestine (Israel.) This totally stupid notion defies logic, but not for the US. The failure to explain how an Iranian (or any other Islamic nation for that matter) nuclear attack against occupied Palestine (Israel) can be achieved without killing Palestinians and pro-Iranian Hezbollah in south Lebanon, has exposed the absurdities of US Imperialist illogic. [Sadly in debates on the subject of Iranian nuclear intentions, no discussion has been made on this point.]

Cowardly neo-liberal govt’s including NZs, accept the lies and distortions without question and have willingly imposed them on their own populations. Corporate mainstream embedded media have been the main instrument responsible for spreading fear, lies and insecurity to the point that mass compliancy and docile acceptance, is the objective outcome. In the US where the corporate govt. has declared war on the minds of the American people, that outcome can only be halted by a working class prepared to stand and fight like their cousins south of the border.

The ‘Karine A’ Hoax

On January 4 2002, the Israeli govt. announced with great fanfare and drama, the interception and seizure of the 4000 tonne freighter the ‘Karine A’ in the Red Sea by its elite naval commandoes. The vessel according to the Israelis was carrying 50 tonnes weapons destined for the PA (Palestinian Authority.) It was also said that Iran and Hezbollah were co-conspirators in the ‘smuggling’ operation; a charge that the PA has always denied.

What was never explained was how a large freighter loaded with weapons under the watchful eyes of the most sophisticated military forces on the planet was expected to pass from somewhere in Iran through to the Suez Canal and dock at Alexandria Egypt unhindered.

The elaborate story concocted by Israel/US that the weapons were to be off loaded and smuggled into Gaza presumably past the US sponsored MFO (Multi-Force Observers) in the Sinai, presumed correctly that most of the world’s media and govt’s would swallow hook line and sinker this idiotic fairytale. For the Israelis, selling the perception of the ‘Karine A’ was all that mattered; never mind the details.

Foreign officials and international media were invited to the Eilat dock to inspect the cargo on display. Non-experts in modern weaponry, they were never sure of what they were looking at, but blindly accepted all that the Zionists were telling them.

To the initiated however, closer inspection revealed that the weapons and munitions on display were in fact part of the huge arsenal of captured weapons that Israel has managed to accumulate in the modern era between the October war of 1973 and the withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000. This largely Soviet era equipment has been an extremely important part of the ZAHAL (Israeli Army) armoury. [Israeli special forces during covert operations use only Soviet weaponry instead of their own, because not only are they rugged and reliable, they are also ‘untraceable.’]


Of special interest from the supposed ‘Karine A’ haul were the inclusion of AT-3 Malyutka (NATO name: SAGGER) anti-tank handcase portable missiles. The presence of these missiles alone represented a blatant stupid oversight on the part of the Israelis to make their story stick. They might as well have included submarines.

Even in its updated version, cumbersome, specialised and medium ranged for open ground; the archaic SAGGERs are highly unsuitable for the ‘hit and run’ lightly armed Palestinian order of battle which is principally about fighting in built up areas.

[TV One and TV3 news in early December 2005 carried a ‘fake’ FoxNews video report about a supposed plot to assassinate the presiding judge at the trial of Saddam Hussein. According to the story, a Sunni group calling itself the ‘1920 Revolution Brigade’, was planning to fire a rocket from Baqubah (a Baathist stronghold) to Baghdad, a distance of approx. 60 kms. Big problem! Rocket depicted was a SAGGER AT-3 wire guided anti-tank missile with a max range of 3 kms. TVNZ and TV3 have never acknowledged that the story was ‘faked.’]

The Tongan Connection to Sept 11 2001

In 1966, the anti-communist rulers of Tonga joined the US sponsored Taiwanese based WACL (World Anti Communist League, now calling itself the World League for Freedom and Democracy.) Its representative on that body who went on to become regional chairman of the WACL was none other than the former speaker of the Tongan parliament, Noble Fusit’a who is closely linked to the Tongan royal family. His chairmanship was at a time when the WACL membership included death squad’s leaders Roberto D’Aubuisson from El Salvador, Guatemala’s Mario Sandoval Alarcon and many more from Latin America. The rest of the membership reads like a rogues gallery of rightwing nutter’s that has included white supremacists and neo-Nazi.

Sensing that Mainland China’s ‘communism’ was only window dressing and not the grave threat that US had led them to believe, Tonga joined the rest of the pack to beat a pathway to China to set up business. A satellite deal between the Chinese and Princess Pilolevu Tuita (60% owner of Tongasat) was to be the catalyst. In addition to this, closer military co-operation between the 2 countries was initiated. In 1998, Tonga broke ties with Taiwan and formally recognised mainland China.

Retribution against Tonga by the US and the WACL ruled out killing its rulers in the same way that the anti-nuclear leaders of Palau, President Haruo Remeliik and Vice-President Lazarus Salii were murdered by the CIA in the mid-1980’s. [Cover stories were created by the US to hide its involvement in these murders.] Instead they hatched a plan that was going to cost the Palestinians in the occupied territories the ultimate betrayal and the Tongan people, the after effects.

The dragnet that followed in the wake of the US instigated Sept. 11 2001 attacks, would ensnare Tonga in such a way that it would be punished by becoming a part of the US military apparatus in Iraq. To achieve this, US planning to scuttle the peace deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority by claiming that the PA and Al Queda were linked. As a fictitious creation of the US ‘War of Terror’, Al Queda was meant to have a fleet of ships plying the world’s oceans moving armaments and operatives between nations.

In 2000, a phoney shipping company called Axion Services Ltd was set up by the CIA in Piraeus, Greece. Its representative calling himself Peli Papadopoulos arrived in Nuku’alofa Tonga with a deal to register ships under a Tongan flag. The company set up would be called Tonga International Registry of Ships based in Athens. Signed and sealed, they were in business and the strange tale of the Tongan registered freighter the ‘Karine A’ begins.

The repercussions for Tonga’s rulers, was the embarrassment of being association with Al Queda and terrorism. As a result, Tonga despatched Marines to Iraq as part of the US 1st Marines Expeditionary Forces based in Anbar as penance to say to the US, “We’re sorry and deserve to be punished.” The exercise however proved to be very short lived. Six months after the first arrival of Tongan troops to Iraq, they were pulled out in Dec. 2004 due to pressure at home from workers fed up with the inept actions of their rulers. For Tongan workers struggling to get rid of the anti-democratic despotic nobility who refer to them and commoners as ‘Kainanga ‘o e fonua’ (Dirt Eaters); internationalising that struggle is the only way ensure its success.

As the ‘Coalition of the willing’ crumbles, men and women from the US controlled Pacific territories such as American Samoa, Palau and the Mariana’s, are being press-ganged into being participants in one of mankind’s worst crimes against humanity and the planet. The increasing presence of US Christian fundamentalism in the Pacific has only added to the blindness (lies) that previous Christian efforts have imposed. Sons and daughters are being sacrificed on a secular alter to fulfil a mad religious fairytale built on centuries of lies, lies and more lies.

What is certain is that the US imperialist madness can be stopped. The unity of all ‘Dirt Eaters’ is the only thing standing in the way.

Whakakotahi Nga Kaimahi O Te Ao!

(Workers of the World Unite!)
Te Taua Karuwhero Kahui

From Class Struggle 68 August-September 2006

Written by raved

January 10, 2012 at 9:10 pm